Centrifuge launched Centrifuge Prime, a comprehensive suite of services and technologies that helps DeFi-native organizations — like DAOs, stablecoins, and protocols — easily onboard and scale a portfolio of real-world assets (RWAs).

Centrifuge provides the tools needed to onboard a full portfolio of RWAs: a compliant legal framework purpose-built for DAOs and DeFi protocols, a sophisticated tokenization and issuance platform, decentralized and objective credit risk and financial reporting, and a diversified set of asset classes and issuers.

Centrifuge Prime enables DeFi organizations to scale, diversify, and gain a unique advantage through RWAs. Centrifuge Prime provides access to a market that is expected to grow to $16T by 2030. By investing in tokenized assets in the real-world, DeFi markets can generate yields that provide great risk-adjusted returns, are uncorrelated to crypto volatility, and enable a new driver of revenue and growth. 

Centrifuge Prime brings these assets and capabilities directly into DeFi-native organizations — without overwhelming governance; without requiring new resources or bespoke capabilities; without requiring you to have a PhD in credit risk or an LLM in legal structures.